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It is a sad reality that small to medium-size businesses, professionals (doctors, pharmacists, insurance agents, real estate agents, accountant, and others), and other health care businesses (pharmacies, medical clinics, hospitals, laboratories, equipment companies) are becoming the target for civil lawsuits with ever-increasing frequency. Businesses and professionals should not be left defenseless against civil lawsuits. In addition, small to medium-sized businesses and professionals often have to be aggressive in protecting their businesses and protect their rights. lf you are a business, licensed professional, physician or other medical professional, executive or health care business who is facing a lawsuit or being sued or needs to file a lawsuit, talk with a lawyer from Green & Associates.

We represent small to medium-sized businesses, executives, licensed professionals, health care professionals and health care businesses in Los Angeles and throughout California. Throughout her entire career, founding attorney Tracy Green has been representing businesses and professionals including those from the health care industry. Our entire team is dedicated to providing exceptional legal solutions and personally tailored service for lawsuits involving:

"A lot of attorneys provide general civil litigation services, but at Green & Associates, we understand the challenges faced by small to medium sized businesses, especially those in regulated industries such as in health care, insurance and real estate. This is particularly true when civil fraud claims are filed in civil lawsuits that can have collateral consequences on the business and the professionals. I have been representing California businesses, licensed professionals and executives, and health care businesses and professionals for more than 20 years. When it involves the nuances of regulated businesses, challenges faced by mid-sized and small businesses and licensed professions, civil litigation can become complex for the general litigation attorney. My associates and I have familiarity with regulated industries and challenges these professionals, executives and small to medium-sized businesses face, which makes our services uniquely efficient and powerful." ∙ Tracy Green, Attorney at Law

Efficient Representation ∙ Problem Solving

Because many of our clients are running smaller operations rather than Fortune 500 companies, we do everything we can to resolve their matters in the most direct, efficient manner possible.

We provide a strategic approach. In many cases, we can use simple negotiations, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods to avoid the costs and delays of traditional courtroom litigation. When we do have to litigate, we focus on aggressive, efficient litigation representation, resolving cases as early on in the process as possible.

Perhaps the most important efficiency we offer our clients is our experience in representing regulated industries and licensed professionals such as those in health care, insurance, and real estate. Clients do not have to pay increased attorney fees as we learn the various complications in the health care, real estate, insurance and other industries, and they do not have to worry about the costs that will come from us overlooking factors that are unique to those industries and professions. Because we have been representing small to medium sized business. Licensed professionals, executives and regulated industries such as health care, insurance and real estate for so long, we understand the landscape well enough to give you the best service possible.

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We handle our clients' matters with discretion and attention to detail, and we provide ourselves on tailoring our representation to each client's unique and personalized legal needs. Call (213) 233-2260 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with a lawyer from our firm.

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