Green & Associates Firm Overview

At Green & Associates we know the devil is in the details – and for the past two decades we've accounted for that fact with each and every one of our clients. Whether they are steeped in civil litigation, technical regulatory issues, criminal proceedings on a state or federal level, complex administrative disputes, or governmental or carrier audits – our thorough dedication, comprehensive approach and unwavering tenacity make us superior litigators in and out of the courtroom. Our precision is driven by each client's decidedly intricate needs, which can range from individual issues in the criminal courts to industry-wide regulations and licensing. Above all, we achieve the precise results our clients demand and go beyond what they would expect by calling upon our genuine passion for all aspects of the law.

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Depth of Practice

When it comes to understanding the full breadth of legal ramifications in the areas of administrative law, criminal defense and litigation especially within regulated industries such as the health care profession, look no further than Green & Associates. Our years of experience, backed by a wide scope of knowledge and a strong dedication to represent our client's many interests, gives us an edge that many firms simply cannot provide.

Individualized Attention

Green & Associates looks at personalized attention as more than simply understanding and representing our client's current circumstance. We look ahead to potential complications and future litigation that they may encounter and plan ahead for it. Our team takes the time to build a relationship that takes all factors into consideration and tailors the representation accordingly.

Exceeding Expectations

There is getting the job done and there is getting the job done right. At Green & Associates, we pride ourselves on providing counsel that secures your rights and defends your position the first time around. No matter how complex the case or involved the accusations, our team will ensure your representation is exact in its execution from start to finish.

Authoritative Representation

By contacting Green & Associates today, you're taking a definitive step towards a successful outcome in your case. No matter where you may find yourself in the legal system, our team will develop an all-inclusive strategy that will meet your every need. Give us a call today at (213) 233-2260 or contact us online and let us review your options in a free 15 minute consultation.

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