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Defense Against California Felony Insurance Fraud Charges

Green & Associates is a law firm defending clients in Los Angeles and throughout California against insurance fraud charges. In many cases, insurance fraud is prosecuted as a felony, with severe penalties that come with convictions.

The consequences are too severe to take this matter lightly. If you have been charged with workers' compensation insurance fraud, it is important to secure aggressive representation from experienced attorneys. At Green & Associates, we take an aggressive, personalized approach to workers' compensation insurance fraud defense. We listen to the facts of your case and provide a personally tailored defense strategy designed to minimize the negative impact that these charges will have on your life.

A workers' compensation insurance fraud charge is an urgent matter. When you get us involved in your case early, there is more we can do to help you. Call now.

Los Angeles Workers' Comp Fraud

Because workers' compensation is a no-fault system (no negligence or error needs to be shown to collect compensation), it is vulnerable to fraud, with some of the most common examples, including:

  • Inflated injury claims - An injured worker claims that the injuries suffered are worse than they really are.
  • False injury claims - A worker claims injuries that are nonexistent.
  • Complex schemes - Doctors, lawyers and other professionals work in concert in elaborate schemes to gain compensation from the workers' compensation system.
  • Premium fraud - An employer underreports premiums owed to their workers' compensation insurance carrier or classifies employees improperly in order to save costs.

The government is prosecuting workers' compensation insurance fraud aggressively. It is essential to work with a law firm that has experience with this type of case. General criminal defense does not prepare a lawyer for the complications and nuances inherent in this highly specified area of criminal law. Founding attorney Tracy Green has more than 20 years of experience defending physicians and other professionals against charges of this kind.

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