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The attorneys at Green & Associates have appeared before county, civil, federal and appellate courts of California on behalf of our clients charged with health care fraud, Medicare fraud, Medi-Cal fraud, insurance fraud and other related charges. The financial burden on the state and federal health care budgets has increased the aggressive approach that authorities take in investigating and prosecuting. You need an attorney to even the odds you face.

Not just any criminal defense lawyer can handle the complexity of a health care fraud investigation and criminal proceeding. For help, contact us at (213) 233-2260.

California Health Care Fraud Lawyer

When selecting an attorney, experience, integrity and a track record of success in having cases dismissed are paramount. At Green & Associates, we understand the severity of criminal accusations and convictions. A health care business or medical professional faces the possible loss of  license, steep fines and possible prison time for any of the following:

  • Falsifying medical records
  • Charging for services not performed
  • Entering an inaccurate code to charge for a more expensive service than what was performed (upcoding)
  • Performing services that are deemed nonessential
  • Receipt of kickbacks
  • Illegal bundling of services and tests to increase fees

From the moment we take your case, we conduct a detailed investigation of our own. We get to the facts of your case and proceed with diligence and dedication. Our goal is to secure the best outcome. In many health care fraud cases we handle, courtroom litigation often provides the ideal result for hard-working, wrongfully-accused medical professionals.

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