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At Green & Associates, we provide aggressive criminal defense for clients in Los Angeles and throughout California who have been charged with grand theft. Grand theft is a serious felony crime, with possible jail time and substantial fines resulting from a conviction. Founding attorney Tracy Green has more than 25 years of experience as a California lawyer. At Green & Associates, our entire legal team can help you minimize the damage that grand theft charges will have on your life. Call (213) 233-2260 or e-mail us to learn more.

The Basics of Grand Theft in California

There are two basic kinds of theft charges in California. The first is petty theft. Petty theft, as its name would indicate, is the charge for less serious theft offenses. Grand theft involves larger sums and much more serious consequences. Grand theft is often used as an alternative theory for other types of fraud charges.

Grand theft charges can come as a result of unlawfully taking property worth more than $950 or unlawfully taking, regardless of monetary value, a firearm, automobile, certain animals and property being carried by the victim. These charges can arise from general larceny crimes like shoplifting, or more complex white collar crimes like embezzlement and fraud charges that can include:

We have experience defending clients from grand theft charges. We take an aggressive, immediate action informed by our personally tailored strategic approach in each client's case.

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