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Representing Medical Professionals in Business Litigation

Hospitals, clinics and medical facilities are businesses, bound by many of the same limitations to unbridled competition as other businesses face. Since the medical field is so heavily regulated, the health care industry actually faces even greater limitations in many ways than other businesses.

At Green & Associates, we represent doctors, hospitals and other health care providers in unfair business competition litigation in Los Angeles and throughout California. Founding attorney Tracy Green's more than 20 years of health care law experience is the foundation of our firm.

All of our lawyers share a commitment to providing representation for our clients that is marked by intelligence and efficiency. We know this type of civil litigation can become unmanageably protracted in short order. Our experience and knowledge regarding health care law adds tremendous efficiency in our cases compared to law firms without this specialized experience. Further, we make every effort to solve our clients' cases through mediation or other nonlitigious means whenever possible.

Some common unfair business competition claims include:

  • Stealing patients: Covenants not to compete and statutory regulations limit a doctor's right to contact and advertise to clients from a former employer.
  • Stealing employees: This is common in the health care industry when it comes to laboratory experts.
  • Misuse of trade secrets: This is common allegation in the context of medical laboratories and research facilities. Lab experts who move from one position to another must be extremely careful about utilizing information and processes from their former employers, as this might be a misuse of trade secrets.
  • Breach of contract and other business contract disputes: Many unfair business competition suits involve a significant contract component.

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