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Civil liability can quickly become criminal penalties in legal matters that involve insurance fraud. Investigations and audits of industry professionals and businesses are increasing in their frequency. Punishments are increasing in their severity. Trying to resolve civil and criminal matters without the help of an experienced attorney can only make a bad situation worse.

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Los Angeles Insurance Fraud Attorney

Insurance fraud can take many forms, including workers' compensation claims. Physicians want to provide quality care for their patients. These health care providers may bill insurers for treatments not covered in a patient's insurance policy. Billing is done for a different service. In turn, patients want maximum value for medical services and not be responsible for large medical bills.

Insurance fraud for the purposes of financial gain can be alleged following an investigation. "Upcoding" involves billing for treatments more expensive than what was provided. "Phantom billing" occurs for services not performed. "Ganging" involves billing family members or people accompanying patients who did not receive the service or prescription.

Regardless of the thoroughness of an investigation, you have options to protect your rights and fight for the best outcome following civil or criminal charges of insurance fraud. We attend to every detail in our own fact-finding and strive to minimize the consequences, both professionally and personally.

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