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Employment Law in the Health Care Industry

At Green & Associates, we represent employers in the medical profession in Los Angeles and throughout California. Attorneys from our firm offer preemptive counsel to avoid these problems, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution services to help solve conflicts as efficiently and amicably as possible, and we offer strategic, aggressive litigation services to defend our clients in the courtroom.

We focus almost exclusively on helping medical professionals and other members of the health care industry, and our founding attorney, Tracy Green, brings more than 20 years of health care law experience. This experience and focus gives us a thorough understanding of the nuances and complications involved with litigation in the health care industry.

Health Care Employment Litigation Disputes We Handle

We represent medical professionals and other clients in the health care industry with employment litigation disputes that involve:

  • Wage and hour: Not receiving adequate remuneration is a common impetus for employment lawsuits. This can come from lack of pay for hours worked, lack of overtime pay or lack of vacation and other benefits.
  • Misclassification: Employers misclassify employees as managers or as exempt from overtime in order to save costs or generate tax breaks, giving rise to employment misclassification lawsuits.
  • Unfair business competition: The medical field can be as fiercely competitive as any other, and we often handle cases in which one medical facility or research laboratory is accused of "stealing" the other's employees, which is a clear example of unfair business competition.

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