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After years of education, training and hands-on work, you are ready to take the step in securing a professional license. The process is complex. Standards are high. The slightest misstep in your past can not only catch up with you, but also affect your ability to become licensed.

At Green & Associates, we help professionals in medical and various other industries achieve their career aspirations. On their behalf, we provide aggressive representation in securing professional licenses.

If past professional issues, a criminal record or past alcohol or drug addiction is affecting your ability to become licensed in your chosen field, contact us at (213) 233-2260. We combine expertise and integrity with a track record of success, compassion and a long-term vision for you.

California Licensing and Compliance Lawyer

Professional licensing in particular contains detailed regulations in an already complex process. You need a legal advocate at your side to protect your best interests, rights and professional future. Legal compliance with city and state laws is a vital part of that process. We educate you on those laws and provide ongoing counsel to ensure that you are complying.

Past problems can become legal liabilities following a detailed license investigation conducted by a board. A drug addiction that led to criminal convictions stands out on your record. While you may feel discouraged or want to give up, we put together an explanation of the facts that led up to a drug problem and subsequent arrest.

In many cases, we have succeeded in obtaining a provisional license, serving as a chance for our clients to prove their worth to their industry and show that the past is indeed the past.

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