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For many professionals who go into business for themselves, problems rarely arise due to incompetence, lack of professional training or lack of expertise. More often, entrepreneurial professionals lack some of the accounting knowledge and business experience needed to avoid billing errors that lead to fraudulent billing charges. Although this happens most frequently to private physicians, dentists and other health care professionals, fraudulent billing charges can strike any professional at any time.

At Green & Associates, we provide criminal defense for health care professionals and other professionals who have been charged with fraudulent billing. Our attorneys have the experience to help defend you in state and federal courts and to help you through the administrative license defense process. We represent clients in Los Angeles and throughout California.

We have a thorough understanding of billing procedures, backed by more than Tracy Green's more than 25 years of legal service to licensed professionals. This helps us provide our clients with efficient, powerful counsel.

Although some fraudulent billing claims are legitimate, there are cases that arise from much more innocent circumstances, including:

  • Clerical errors: Secretaries, office assistants and outside vendors of billing services can make errors, and these errors could come back to haunt you instead of them. Something as simple as a decimal point error can cause tremendous discrepancies, especially when repeated.
  • Added costs and fees: Sometimes fees and costs that are built into different services can raise suspicion of consistent overbilling.

Regardless of the circumstances that brought on the charges you are facing, we will take the time to talk with you and prepare a strategy to defend you against fraudulent billing charges.

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With fraudulent billing cases, one of the most important things we can do is get involved early. Whether we are defending against criminal charges or working with the administrative license defense process, the beginning of the process is when the most options are available. As these cases progress, options disappear and the situation can become increasingly grim.

Do not wait to contact us. One hallmark of our firm's service is individualized attention for each client's case. We will look at the facts and circumstances surrounding the charges you are facing, and we will help you find the best strategy for your case. Call (213) 233-2260 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with an attorney from our firm.

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