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When the courts in California look into a doctor's file, they cannot see the attention to detail, client care and competent medical treatment that the doctor exhibits every day in practice. However, they can tell honesty. More specifically, they can see specific signs that would indicate dishonesty.

Criminal charges of falsifying medical records are serious, potentially costing you your license, your career and your reputation, as well as possible fines and other penalties. At Green & Associates, we have more than just criminal defense experience. We focus on representing health care professionals almost exclusively. Attorney Tracy Green has more than 20 years of experience providing exceptional legal representation for members of the medical profession throughout California. Our attorneys can help defend you against criminal charges, and we can represent you in the administrative license defense process, as well.

Charged with Falsifying Medical Records

Most charges of falsifying medical records do not arise from blatant, intentional fraud. More often, a doctor falls behind in the record keeping. Busy days filled with patients and HMOs can cause even the most efficient doctor to get behind on patient record keeping. Then, when a patient asks to see his or her record, the doctor has to quickly update the records and fill in missing information, which raises suspicion.

Other situations occur in which a look back on the record reveals a slight error or missing piece of information, so a doctor will fix the information. Without wanting to draw attention to the mistake, a doctor might backdate the information so no one knows that it was added later. However, this is considered fraud.

Our lawyers will look into all of the facts and circumstances surrounding the charges you are facing. We will use this information, as well as our experience and knowledge of health care defense law, to mount the best possible case in your defense.

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