Anonymous Medical Resident

Amazing is an Understatement to Describe Tracy Green: As a recent client of Tracy Green, I must say that I consider myself both blessed and fortunate in hiring her as my legal representative. In a period of sudden turmoil during my residency program, where my medical career was in instant jeopardy after an arbitrary dismissal, I reached out to Tracy for legal assistance. Realizing the time sensitivity of my case, Tracy prioritized and took charge of my case within days. She was able to filter out all of my emotions during this dire time, and developed a legally strategic yet diplomatic plan to get me back into residency. Her plan worked and avoided the escalation of the matter to higher levels, and annulled the Hearing Process from ever occurring. Tracy is highly experienced, intelligent and tenacious lady who knows how to approach a complex legal scenario with the right steps to yield results. Tracy truly puts her clients' futures first and fights to get them the best outcomes. There is no question that she is a highly skilled and talented attorney, but what really distinguishes Tracy from all other attorneys out there? The blend of her kindness, warm personality, her caring demeanor who gives you hope in a time of uncertainty. Tracy is a true gem to the legal world and I will never forget everything she has done for me.

– Anonymous Medical Resident

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