Client Reviews

I used Green & Associates when I got into a predicament that may have jeopardized my career. Tracy was very thorough, and I felt spent more than enough time on my case. It was almost as if I was her only client, that's how she made me feel. I would recommend her for anyone needed legal advice. Very down to earth approach.

- Cynthia C., Sonoma, CA

I have been a client of Tracy Green for the past 6 years, I met her after my first criminal defense attorney was just not doing a thing about my case. I was introduced to Tracy through a mutual friend, when I met her I knew immediately that I am in the best hands I can get. She is smart, fast on her feet, intelligent and knows how to deal with issues. What I mean to say is she was on the ball. knew what is the best strategy to take n my case. She worked with me, day in and day out; she was able to work out an amazing plea agreement for me that really prevented me from doing a very long time in prison. She was always available to hear me out, to give great advice, to be tough when she needed to be and gentle in other times. She helped me own up to what I had done, helped me with my life during and after prison and is truly one of the most influential people in my life.

Thank you Tracy for putting up with my craziness and being hard to deal with at times. Thank you for being an amazing attorney. I owe you so much that no money can ever repay your hard work and support through this ordeal in my life.

- Harel G., Los Angeles

I trust Tracy not only for her honesty, but she is one of the select few lawyers who truly developed "the art of lawyering".

- Victoria R.

If you are looking for a law firm that can get issues resolved quickly, I would highly recommend Green & Associate. As a court reporter I have worked with Tracy Green, and her litigation and communication skills are the best. I still remember one deposition where the key person in the lawsuit arrived late from a lunch break to say she was in a car accident during lunch and could not continue with the deposition. A car accident during lunch? It was apparent to me a half a day of questioning was all this witness could handle.

- Mary S., Los Angeles

Tracy Green did an outstanding job on my case (medical licensing), representing my interests before Medical Board that lead to almost instant resolution of the issues. She is very efficient, knowledgeable in the field, and obviously very experienced. She is extremely friendly, confident and sharp, making communication with her very enjoyable. She gave me very generous discount at the end. Also, she recommended another outstanding lawyer outside of her field who helped me tremendously. I recommend Tracy highly.

-Licensing client

My husband and I run a healthcare business that was unjustly closed due to disgruntled employees claiming fraud. The State stopped our funding and refused to pay us for services that had already been delivered. We came to Tracy and she explained that even though we are in the right, it is very difficult and a long process to fight the government. Since we did not like what we heard, we decided to hire other council, who told us what we wanted to hear. I won't go into detail about the disaster we found ourselves in but the fact remains that we came back to Tracy to continue our case and deal with our previous attorney for poor misrepresentation.

Once we began working with Tracy, we understood what a real attorney was all about. During the time we worked with her we kept changing strategies because she was right from the start, fighting the government is a nightmare and towards the end of our battle, we ourselves were not sure if we even wanted our business back. What we did want were our names cleared. There was never a time that Tracy did not respond to a phone call or listen to our fears and concerns. She was always there for us. She also had direct contact with heads of dept of health services and was in constant contact with them until the case was resolved and we received what was owed to us and got our license back. It is truly a shame that someone could put Tracy in negative light by one review.

Tracy is not only smart and has needed connections, but she has a heart. She is efficient, kind, considerate and will tell you exactly the way it is. She is meant to be an attorney because the help and relief that she provides to people in need is amazing and even though she has many clients and an amazing son, she makes you feel as if you are the most important person to her when you speak to her by phone or sit in her office.

Tracy, you are great. We are honored to have had a chance to work with you and to be able to call you our friend.