Medical License Defense

Former Doctor of Michael Jackson Sues State Medical Board over License Revocation

Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s former doctor who was convicted of the involuntary manslaughter of pop music’s biggest legend, was released from custody in October 2013 after serving a jail sentence of less than two years, according to a report by Newser. After the California Medical Board filed a second Accusation against him, he surrendered his California medical license effective July 30, 2014. He is now engaged in a lawsuit against the Texas Medical Board regarding the revocation of his medical license in Texas.

Murray claims that the Texas Medical Board had no right to revoke his license since his conviction had not been finalized through the exhaustion of the appeals process. He also claims that he has a six-figure debt he cannot afford due to lack of work.

The lawsuit against Texas Medical Board was filed by Murray three days before his release. A spokesman with the medical board said he could not comment on the case. Read the rest »