Supervisor with WellPoint Companies of California Sued over Alleged False Audits

According to a report by North Hollywood-Toluca Lake Patch, a lawsuit against a major California-based healthcare insurer, WellPoint Companies, and one of the company’s supervisors is being pursued by a former employee, a North Hollywood man who used to work for the insurer as an auditor of Medicare records. He alleges in the suit that he was wrongfully terminated for reporting fraudulent practices within the company to management.

Other allegations include workplace retaliation, violations of the whistleblower law, and emotional distress. He did not specify the damages he seeks.

The disgruntled former auditor started out at WellPoint as a temp in August 2010. He worked his way up to a position as a Medicare senior auditor in 2011. His position with the company was terminated later that same year. His job duties included checking and organizing audits for the healthcare insurer’s payment arrangement system. Read the rest »